Lydia Vermeyden6 Scaled

MSc. Physics and Quantum Information, Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo

Lydia Vermeyden has over 15 years of experience teaching across many subject areas (physics, math, music, programming, RDM, ARC support), formats (online, in-person, group, individual) and education levels (primary, high school, post-secondary, graduate, post-graduate, faculty). She has worked in several different academic research areas (quantum physics, nursing, psychology, public health, legal studies) and a couple industry sectors (aviation engineering and cybersecurity). 
Prior to joining the Alliance, she was a Research Consultant specializing in ARC support for Humanities and Social Sciences for ACENET, and the Chair of the Humanities and Social Sciences national team in the Compute Canada Federation (CCF). She organized and led the first national training initiative by the CCF, an annual workshop series for supporting Humanities and Social Sciences with digital skill development. Her experience also incorporates several research fields and organizations where she has led or collaborated in applying advanced technology, including experimental quantum physics, nursing, psychology and public health. 
Lydia has a BSc. in Physics, specializing in Astrophysics, and a MSc. in Physics and Quantum Information, both from the University of Waterloo.