Business Intelligence Basics

Thu, Nov 12, 2020 @ 9:30am - 11:00am AT
Status: Completed

This 90-minute session with Dan MacLeod from Dunvegan Loyalty Builders is for businesses that need to use data to make decisions. As a group we will discuss the difficulties of accessing, linking, and reporting from all of your sources of data. There will be a demonstration of the speed and functionality of the Power Tools that Microsoft has built into Excel and Power BI (Business Intelligence) Desktop. The Power Tools are used to build Interactive Reports from scratch. Interactive Reports offer a shorter, straighter pathway to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your business. The best part is that Excel is on most computers, and experienced staff can quickly learn to use the Power Tools that are free in many of the current versions of Excel. Power BI Desktop is available as a free version that is very robust and suitable for most businesses, plus a subscription version for very large users.

Participants will learn about:

  • Powerful tools built into Excel
  • What can be accomplished with the free version of Microsoft BI Desktop
  • How to construct a Pivot Table to view data and drill down into the details
  • How data can be placed on an interactive map; view your results geographically
  • Interactive reports that can be easily updated when new information arrives
  • Use an Excel tool to extract, combine, transform, and load information from various sources into reports that are easily updated when new information arrives