Certificate in

Advanced Computing

In partnership with techNL under its Find Your Future in Tech project, ACENET is offering a Certificate in Advanced Computing, designed to provide participants with job-ready skills in advanced computing.

Our program includes introductory and intermediate level modules designed to enable positions with industry in sectors that require advanced computing technology talent. 

By completing the program, you will:

  • Have a breadth of advanced computing knowledge and skills;
  • Have confidence in your technical abilities and ability to learn and grow those skills; 
  • Have honed your problem solving / critical thinking skills; and
  • Have proven your ability to learn new technical tools quickly.

What is advanced computing?

Advanced Computing, or supercomputing, combines fast, large, and powerful computers, storage, and networks with specialized software and methods to perform complex, large-scale simulations, data analysis, modelling, and visualizations. 

It encompasses technologies like High Performance Computing (HPC), Machine Learning, big data, data analytics, and cloud computing. Compared to an average personal computer which may have 8 cores of computing power and a terabyte of storage, advanced computing systems provide many thousands of cores, petabytes of storage, and advanced AI-capable Graphical Processing Units (GPUs), all tied together with a fast specialized network.

Work that would take weeks or months, or may not even be possible using traditional computing methods can be reduced to hours and days. 

Supercomputing is being used to develop new aerospace materials, engineer structures, develop green tech alternatives, map environmental systems, and create new ways of fighting infectious diseases. Areas as wide-ranging as nanotechnology, advanced manufacturing, robotics, oceantech, agritech, augmented reality and health research all increasingly rely on advanced computing - Industry 4.0 smart technologies.

What does the program cover?

The certificate is being offered online, with a combination of in-class and self-study introductory and intermediate level modules. There are approximately 100 hours of evening online classroom time (two evenings per week). Topics include:

  • Programming in Python
  • Data analytics and visualization
  • Linux and Shell Scripting
  • Advanced computing techniques 
    • High performance computing (HPC)
    • Parallel computing
    • Cloud computing
  • Version control
  • Machine Learning
  • Technical writing, technical project management, cybersecurity, quality assurance

You will also be undertaking an independent study project designed to use the skills you’ve learned in a real-world scenario.

The program will take approximately five months to complete, including the final project.  

There is a maximum capacity of 40 people for the program.  

Is this program for me?

If you are a resident of Newfoundland & Labrador, have some knowledge, experience and comfort with computers, and want to develop advanced computing skills to either expand your career prospects or bring new capabilities to your existing position, this program may be for you. 

To see the greatest benefit, you need to be both motivated, and have the capacity and time to augment this program with guided, self-directed learning.

Previous programming experience, while beneficial, is not required. Experience with mathematics and statistics is strongly recommended.

For overall eligibility criteria, please see Find Your Future in Tech.

Is there a cost?

There are no fees for ACENET's Certificate in Advanced Computing under the Find Your Future in Tech project.


Applications have now closed for the session beginning in March, 2024. Those who completed applications for the upcoming March session (including the application form, a CV/résumé and cover letter) will be notified regarding their acceptance in early 2024. 

If you would like to receive updates on the next session of the program, please complete the form below. Note that the next session is not yet scheduled.

Express Interest

If you have any questions, please contact certification@ace-net.ca. 

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What is the Find Your Future in Tech program?

In conjunction with its education program, techNL has launched a Newfoundland & Labrador campaign to raise awareness and understanding of the breadth of opportunity for careers in technology in the province. Funded in part by the Government of Canada's Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program, Find Your Future in Tech will provide funded seats across numerous tech programs and certifications hosted by 10 partner organizations to offer training to residents and tech sector employers across the province. 

ACENET is one of techNL's partners in this program. You can learn more and view program offerings from the other partners at FindYourFutureNL.ca