Compute Canada Offers Two Pairs of Scholarships to Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2018

December 5, 2017

Compute Canada is offering two pairs of scholarships to Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) 2018. These will be awarded via a competition closing February 8, 2018. Submissions must include:

  • The name and institutional affiliation of a research-based co-applicant (Faculty, Postdoc, or Graduate Student).
  • The name and affiliation of a technology/support based co-applicant (Project Manager, Programmer, Metadata Specialist, etc.).
  • A summary of the project that the co-applicant pair is either currently collaborating on or which there are solid plans to collaborate on.
  • The DHSI 2018 courses offered by Compute Canada that each co-applicant would take (#8, #18, #41, or #49). Include a list of backup courses should the first-choice courses not be available.

All of the above should fit on a single page using reasonable font sizes. Please submit a PDF.

Purpose: Compute Canada is seeking to increase support to the Digital Humanities both in general and with regards to specific skills and tools. By offering collaboration-based scholarships based around actual projects, Compute Canada is directly supporting Digital Humanities research by ensuring that expertise within teams goes beyond single individuals.

Evaluation Criteria: Preference will be given to submissions requiring the development of skills in the co-applicants that would be of value both within and beyond the specific project named in the application. Additionally, projects that are seen to be of value to the Digital Humanities community and/or which could be used as templates for future work by others will also be preferred.

Includes: DHSI2018 registration for both applicants in one of the specified DHSI 2018 courses offered by Compute Canada. (Approximate total value is $1900 CDN). Flights, accommodation, and meals are not included.

Matchmaking: Anyone who would like to apply but who does not have a partner, is invited to email John Simpson at for assistance. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to match you, but we will try!

Submission Instructions: All applications must be emailed to John Simpson at by the end of the day February 8, 2018. Results will be announced the following week.