Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Toronto
Diploma in Information Technology, Memorial University of Newfoundland
ITIL Foundation Certificate

Craig has been with ACENET since 2009, and has over 16 years experience as a Systems Administrator. He has managed and maintained Sun/Oracle/Dell/IBM/HP/DEC/Cisco servers, blade centres, SANs, tape systems, and network switches (fibre channel, ethernet, and Infiniband). He has significant experience in identity and access management, OS management, login services, firewalls and security, web services, job scheduling, revision control, performance monitoring, DNS, DHCP, email, virtualization, and SAN/distributed/tiered file systems. Craig has worked at Memorial University since 1999 as a Systems Administrator with Information Technology Services, and the Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics. He has been designing, building and managing LDAP and identity management systems since 2000, including the current campus-wide system, as well as ACENET's system.