Gurpreet Matharoo Scaled

Ph.D. Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Gurpreet joined ACENET in 2016 and is based at St. Francis Xavier University (St. FX). A physicist who began his research career studying amorphous materials, supercooled liquids, and the glass transition, Gurpreet was then involved in several original and inter-related lines of research addressing climate change and studying climate of the past. He's since been involved in a variety of interdisciplinary computational research areas, including physics, chemistry, earth sciences and mechanical engineering. Gurpreet's most recent passion is neuroscience research, whereby he is in an active collaboration with researchers studying brain dynamics. This collaboration led to a joint paper on the effects of ongoing brain processes on pain. Gurpreet is fluent in coding in Fortran, C++, C and has a solid understanding of MATLAB. He has also taught undergraduate courses in the physics, engineering, and earth sciences departments at St. FX.