Operationalizing Analytics

Fri, Mar 24, 2023 @ 1:00pm - 2:00pm AT
Status: Completed

Through case study examples from Tim's experience with both large organizations and the startup / scale-up technology ecosystem, this talk will highlight the importance of the often overlooked (and interrelated) roles of Data Engineering, Development Operations, Cloud Architects and Site Reliability Engineers. While excitement only grows about AI and Data Science applications for organizations, "Operationalizing Analytics" explores the importance of thinking beyond the hype of building models to the detailed steps and considerations including: data and system architecture, model retraining & scoring, environment costing, lag, processing time, scalability, security, interpretability, and process integration.

About the presenter:

Tim is currently the COO at AIR Resilience Inc. leading an exciting startup B2B SaaS company in the vibrant mental fitness market. Prior to AIR, Tim held multiple leadership positions at Kinduct Technologies and SAS bringing his diverse experience and skills to foster business growth. His breadth of knowledge and personal strengths bring unique value as a business and technology leader. Specifically:

  • He has fostered an innovative culture, leading teams both small and large in analytical adoption, software development, product expansion, and business strategy.
  • He has a rare combination of technical, sales & marketing, and product management knowledge, including executive leadership positions as VP of Product & Technology and VP of Revenue.
  • His successful project delivery and collaborations include some of North America’s largest companies and sports organizations, multiple funded grant applications, and multi-year product roadmap execution.
  • He has professional experience on advisory boards and in entrepreneurial mentorship.