Resource Allocation Competition 2023 Information Session (English)

Tue, Oct 4, 2022 @ 1:00pm - 2:00pm AT
Status: Completed

The Resource Allocation Competition (RAC) enables faculty members and their research groups to access compute, storage and cloud resources beyond the normal allocations. These competitions are open to researchers from all disciplines based at Canadian academic institutions who are eligible to apply for funding from the federal granting agencies.

RAC 2023 will launch on September 22nd, 2022. To learn more about this year's competitions, please visit the Alliance website or attend one of our online Q&A sessions. Everybody is welcome.

As always, ACENET staff are happy to assist you with questions and submissions. Just contact us at

4 October, 1300hrs Atlantic / 1330 hrs NL (English)

5 October, 1300hrs Atlantic / 1330 hrs NL (French)